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TOP 5 – Favourite booktubers

Hello everyone again! (I finally decided to post everything in English due to the most of my Instagram followers are English speakers.)

The TOP5 list of today is about my favourite booktubers. I started recently discovering  new accounts and then I also have my favourites of all times. However, I wanted to do a list and share with you new booktubers to discover new friends in this big booktube /bookstagram world. There we go!

  • Jessie The Reader (@jessethereader)

OMG! I love so much Jesse George’s videos. The main reason is because I identify most of my feelings while reading. For example, things the books needs, feelings when reading a novel, exasperation because a character is not doing what you want, etc. Also the way he talks is funny and the length of the videos is perfect to see without getting distracted.

  • A Clockwork Reader (@clockwork_reads)

I discovered this account months ago and I find Hannah’s videos very well done. She’s very honest with all the reviews and… I don’t know I just love her video style. Also her bookstagram account is a real goal!

  • Read Like Wildfire (@readlikewildfire)

Chami has a personal style, very different from other booktubers but I like her a lot. She doesn’t do a lot of reviews, but she does other type of videos which makes a difference and are very authentic. It’s a recent discovery and her Instagram accounts (bookstagram and personal) are very esthetic and beautiful.

  • Andreo Rowling (@andreorowling)

This is one of my Spanish booktuber. I like her videos because one of her main themes is Harry Potter world’s. This points makes a big difference with other Spanish booktubers. Another thing I like of her channel is that he gives advice of beginners in the bookstagram/booktube community.

  • Raquel Bookish (@raquelbookish)

She’s another Spanish booktuber. I discovered her channel recently and I love her videos because she has a very funny and humorous way of speaking. She is a little bit hater as well because she expresses what she thinks (always keeping the funny side of the bookish theme).

I hope I may have shown you new booktubers and comment below your favourite accounts!


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