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The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker

This book was recommended to me by a friend and I promise it has really surprised me due to their plot. The plot is about a famous writer, Marcus Goldman, who tries to write a book in order to help his beloved teacher and friend, Harry Quebert. Quebert is standing trial for killing the 15 years old girl Nola Kellergan.

Harry Quebert is accused after founding Nola’s body in his yard. The accusation becomes harder during the next days of the discovery. However, during the case investigation, we realize that Nola Kellergan had a difficult past related with other people of the city. The whole book tries to find out the truth about this murder case that took place 30 years ago.


This novel is one of the most famous books written by Joël Dicker. I’ve never read anything bout him, but after receiving the books as a present, I decided to read it. I founded it pretty good (4/5 stars on Goodreads) because it’s a well developed story, with good characters and backgrounding. This two facts turn the story into a perfect portrait of Aurora city. Another important aspect that I enjoyed is the dark side of Nola Kellergan; without any spoiler I’ll say that discovering the personality of Nola gives more excitement to the murder case.

In contrast, I have to say that there are other aspects I didn’t like. For instance, the advice that Quebert gives to Goldman at the beginning of each chapter. Another thing I didn’t enjoy so much was the kind of love between Quebert and Nola: it’s very passional, irrational and very unrealistic.

In conclusion, it’s a good book to read, but perhaps it’s not as good as everybody says. A worth read novel it you’re on holidays and I’m just wishing to start the next book!


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