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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

A lot has been said about We Were Liars, some people have fallen in love and others just don’t see the point. I should admit it: I loved it!

The book tells the story of Candence, a rich young girl who suffers from a brain injury (including amnesia) due to an accident. The accident took place during the summer vocations with her family, who own an island near Martha’s Vineyard, Her amnesia doesn’t let her remember what happened during the summer of her accident and no-one of her family wants to tell her the truth. The novel is a thrilling process to discover what really happened her.


What I loved the most from We Were Liars is the fact that the main character experiences this amnesia case. This aspect turns the the reader and Candence into “investigators” to find the truth. Another thing I really enjoyed is the setting of the novel., this mysterious private island owned by a rich family. This family situation also creates an ideological fight between the adults -prisoners of their materialism- and the young people, just wishing to live free. I also liked the writing style and the some metaphors used by the author, E. Lockhart, such as “the liars” or the “patriarchal symbol”.

However, there are just two aspects I didn’t see very clear. First of all, I found Candence a little immature, she’s really messed up with her feelings knowing how she is and that makes the story more YA (which is not my favorite genre). Secondly, the accident (no spoilers I promise) is super unrealistic for a group of teens.

To sum up, We Were Liars is a good book with suspense story and a big plot-twist at the end that will make you love the book even more.


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