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Book-sleeve DIY

Book sleeves have become the latest fashion in bookstagram world. Lots of people are selling this products that helps us keeping our books perfect wherever we bring them (uni, traveling, etc). I’ve been looking for some Etsy shops or people who make and sell book-sleeves, but the shipping price was so expensive (about 12 euros) that, at the end, I made it by myself. However, if you want to buy one, I recommend you @bookbiff.

First, I searched for online tutorials and blog posts in order to find out how could I do it (materials to buy, difficulty…). Finally, I chose the video tutorial made by PeaceLoveBooksxo and, for the measures, I followed a blog post of Amy Gibson.

Then I went shopping in a local store for all the materials. I bought two different fabrics -one for the outside and another for the inside- and a patchwork foam as well. The total cost of it was 18 euros, but I could do another sleeve because the fabrics were so big. Despite both tutorials, I didn’t use the recommended glue between the outside fabric and the foam; I prefer a more natural look.

After a long afternoon, I finally made it to finish my first handmaid book-sleeve. I won’t lie, it was difficult but worth it. I hope this post will help you to find a cheaper alternative for preserving our beloved books.


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