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Book Tag – Autumn

Autumn is coming and, before starting uni, I decided to make a book tag and talk about some books I read recently (I’ve found this book tag on Pinterest). I’ve never done a book tag and it was very difficult to choose just one book per category but I’ve finally made it. Lets get started!

  • a book that’s based on a true story: Petit Pays by Gaël Faye. This book talks about the nostalgia of the childhood that will never come back. If you want to read my complete review I wrote, click here.
  • a book that was your favourite from high school: Jardí vora el mar by Mercè Rodoreda. This Catalan novel has a lot of symbology and metaphors, which really surprised me in a positive way. Definitely, the best book I read on high school.
  • a book with a setting that’s your home state/region: Últimas tardes con Teresa by Juan Marsé. Although this book is not one of my favourites, I love how it describes the Barcelona city vibes on the last century. It’s a good book to discover Barcelona.
  • a book recommended by someone: The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affaire by Joël Dicker (review here). This book was recommended by my French teacher and I left it un my TBR for many time. After all, I read it and regretted not reading it before.
  • a book of poetry: La triste historia de tu cuerpo sobre el mío by Marwan. I’ve read this poetry collection so many time ago and I was really impressed. I’d never read anything about that author and neither of modern poetry but I the writing touched me very much.
  • a book with a female heroine: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (review here). I bought this book when it arrived at Spain last course and I wasn’t really convinced. However, I read it because it was the reading of the month for the book club I joined. After reading, I hadn’t words to describe it. Amazing, thrilling, touching… Just waiting for the film coming out on theaters soon.
  • a classic book: Persuasion by Jane Austen. I love Jane Austen and I love the classics, but I promise this book is just… Don’t have words to describe it. I fell in love with all the characters, all of them took after someone you know in real life. It’s amazing how, after two centuries, this novel can sympathize with the reader.
  • a series of books: Harry Potter by JK Rowling. I think this answer was pretty obvious.
  • a murder mystery: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (review here). This book is the murder mystery by excellence. A thrilling plot with such of different characters; you will never get right who is the murderer. And what I enjoyed the most, the plot-twist at the end. A must-read!
  • a book that’s been made into a movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. I’ve chosen this book because the story is very different as it is told in the movie. The book’s story reflects a girl full of nostalgia and with personal problems, but it doesn’t tell anything about love story with his neighbor writer. The movie instead is a Hollywod version that differs a lot from the real idea of Capote.
  • your favourite book: Can’t choose just one! Next!
  • a book based on a historical event: 1984 by George Orwell. This dystopical novel based on the stalinism and the world after WWII has a lot of real elements. I loved how, in a fiction world, things such as being repressed or denying freedom of speech were represented, just emulating the real situation that time but in a different world.
  • a book that made you cry: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (review here). So many people on bookstagram recommended this book and, after getting it for 3 euros, I decided to read it. No words, really. I read it in two days and, with that huge plot-twist, I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine such a good story. Just go ahead and read it.
  • a book with a title that catches your eye: Sulphuric Acid by Amélie Nothomb. I’ve read this book last course and, with this title, it caught my attention. It’s a novel with Nothomb’s style, full of surrealist aspects that becomes a social portrait. In this case, we face reality TV based on a concentration camp. So controversial!
  • a book you can get for a good deal: La posada del viajero by Armando Rodera (review here). I bought this book for 2 euros on Amazon and I enjoyed it so much. I though that, for this price, it would be a bad book but it really surprised me in a positive way.



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