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Petit Pays by GaΓ«l Faye

"An incredible story about the social conflicts in Burundi and Rwanda during the 90s told by an innocent child" Petit Pays is the first novel of GaΓ«l Faye, a Rwandan singer. This author was new to me, as well as the main theme of the book: the conflicts in Burundi and Rwanda. This may sound… Continue reading Petit Pays by GaΓ«l Faye

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January & February Book Haul 2017

This two months lots of books have arrived to my bookshelves, New year presents and trips always bring some newΒ purchases. Here are my five favorite new books: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George I've heard about this novel many times on Instagram and I was looking for it when I found it in a… Continue reading January & February Book Haul 2017