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Le Voyage d’hivern by Amélie Nothomb

I've read many books written by Amélie Nothomb, but Le Voyage d'hivern isn't her best. This short novel caught my attention on the French book section; I thought it would be a controversial story as usual. However, this book wasn't what I expected. Le Voyage d'hivern tells the story of Zoïle, a young man with… Continue reading Le Voyage d’hivern by Amélie Nothomb

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Book-sleeve DIY

Book sleeves have become the latest fashion in bookstagram world. Lots of people are selling this products that helps us keeping our books perfect wherever we bring them (uni, traveling, etc). I've been looking for some Etsy shops or people who make and sell book-sleeves, but the shipping price was so expensive (about 12 euros)… Continue reading Book-sleeve DIY

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Planning a summer trip

Lots of us have a countdown with the days remaining until summer. It is still February but planning a summer trip  is a must during the school year. We have lots of different ideas; we want to travel around the world but our budget is not what we expected. After some years planning summer trips with my… Continue reading Planning a summer trip


5 tips for choosing a college major

Senior year is one of the bests moments of our lives. You enjoy every single moment with your friends, dreaming about how the next year will be. But there's dark about it. Senior year is also a hard time: you have lot of things to decide and you start thinking you might not be ready for… Continue reading 5 tips for choosing a college major